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Scottish referendum generates £10m betting turnover

Scottish referendum generates £10m betting turnover

The Scottish referendum has been the described by online bookmakers as the biggest political betting event ever with approximately £10m being staked on the outcome.

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom after voters rejected independence. Those who said "No" accounted for 2,001,926 votes, whereas the “Yes” part of Scotland constituted 1,617,989 votes.

The Yes and No campaigns appeared almost neck and neck, yet online bookies offered short odds on the “No” selection believing there is 75 per cent chance that Scotland will remain part of the union. The same belief was strongly shared by one British customer who staked 900k with William Hill on the “No” selection and consequently received a check for £1,093,333.33.

Apart from the standard 2-way “Yes/No to independence” market, online betting companies prepared for the occasion with a variety of bets including the “Turnout percentage” market, the “Yes/no percentage” market or even the “New currency in Scotland” market.

Although the Scottish referendum is over, the referendum betting is certainly not. “Will There Be Another Independence Referendum Before The End Of 2024?” or “The Result of Next Independence Referendum in Scotland” read some of the markets offered by major online bookies at the moment.

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