Future of mobile betting:

Future of mobile betting

Mobile has became the biggest opportunity in gambling. More and more people are betting on mobile, especially in Western European countries - UK seems to be the leader of the mobile betting trend.

For online bookmakers the mobile channel is now the key growth driver. As of 2014, the mobile business generates an average 29% of total gambling revenue for major gambling companies. What is more, there is a consensus among all the online bookmakers that sooner rather than later mobile betting will take precedence over desktop betting. Rather then “The future of mobile betting” the headline of the article should say “The future of betting is mobile…”

Gambling operators try to create find a perfect balance between being attractive and staying user friendly. It’s not an easy task. Being innovative is also key to increase loyalty. Mobile technology fuels revenue growth in the gambling industry. Some online bookmakers develop better applications than others. Read our mobile sports betting apps reviews to find out everything about best betting applications out there.

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