FA Cup squiz:

FA Cup football knowledge quiz

1. The best average score per FA CUP game (as of December 2014) belongs to Chelsea and it’s: )?

2. Highest home score/win in a FA Cup game (26:0):

3. First winners of the FA Cup

4. FA Cup sponsor in 2011-2014?

5. Most FA Cup wins (11)?

6. The first Wembley FA Cup final (Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United) in 1923 attracted a record number of supporters. More than 200,000 were believed to have swarmed through the barriers to the new stadium. What is the OFFCIAL crowd figure for this famous final?

7. Longest penalty shootout in FA Cup was Tunbridge Wells v. Littlehampton Town in 2005 (Preliminary Round Replay). How many penalties were taken by each team in the shootout?

8. Longest tie in FA Cup was Oxford City v. Alvechurch in 1971/72 (Fourth Qualifying Round). How many matches in total?

9. Last team from outside the Premier League to win the FA Cup?

10. How many times the FA Cup has been successfully defended?



Question 1: The correct answer is the b) 3,2 goals per game

Question 2: The correct answer is b) Preston North End vs Hyde

Question 3: The correct answer is a) Wanderers FC

Question 4: The correct answer is a) Budweiser

Question 5: The correct answer is c) Arsenal and Man United

Question 6: The correct answer is b) 126,047

Question 7: The correct answer is d) 20

Question 8: The correct answer is c) 6

Question 9: The correct answer is c) West Ham United

Question 10: The correct answer is d)10

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