Dutch Eredivisie football quiz:

Dutch Eredivisie football knowledge quiz

1. Dutch Eredivisie has turned many young talents into great players who were then sold to the biggest European clubs. What is the biggest transfer in the history of Dutch Eredivisie (30.5 million Euros)?

2. Dutch Eredivisie was founded in:

3. Which club boasts most championships in Dutch Eredivisie?

4. When was the last time a Dutch club played in a Champions League final?

5. Biggest transfer to Dutch Eredivise from a different league (11.3 million Euros)?

6. How many times did Ajax win Champions League?

7. In the years 1965- 1973 Ajax pioneered the new way of playing football called Total Football. Which famous Dutch coach and player invented this new system?

8. What is the biggest stadium in Holland – stadium with highest capacity?

9. How many teams play in Dutch Eredivisie?

10. In the years 1983-2013 how many players moved between FC Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam?



Question 1: The correct answer is the a) Ruud van Nistelrooy to Man United

Question 2: The correct answer is c) 1956

Question 3: The correct answer is a) Ajax Amsterdam

Question 4: The correct answer is b) Ajax in 1995/96

Question 5: The correct answer is d) Mateja Kezman

Question 6: The correct answer is c) 4.

Question 7: The correct answer is a) Johan Cruyff

Question 8: The correct answer is b) Amsterdam ArenA

Question 9: The correct answer is c) 18 

Question 10: The correct answer is d) 20

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